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PolyKinkShrink is dedicated to providing valuable education and coaching that will help you lead a fulfilling and authentic life. We provide free audio and video content designed to deliver insightful and thought-provoking information to build enriching relationships and safely explore what makes you unique. Explore our projects below to learn more and discover how we can help you grow.


Video & Audio

Visit our Youtube channel

From definitions to deep-diving roleplay, this channel continues to grow in both topic and audiance. Learn more your personal attachment styles, how to "fight fair," practice healthy and safe communication methods, and the biology behind our behavior.


PKS Articles & Blogs

If you're looking for transcripts, drafts and more behind-the-scenes information about how we make PKS, find more information within.


Stills & Photos

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Non-PKS Resources

PKS aspires to be a tapestry of valuable resources, for individuals and partners as well as anyone seeking to explore healthy relationships. These recommendations include inspirational authors, content creators, and skilled allies throughout our communities.

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